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A prenuptial agreement can be a sensitive topic, but these contracts offer valuable protection in many situations. If one or both parties own significant assets, have children from a previous relationship or own a business, a prenuptial agreement can help them avoid devastating legal battles in the future. Prenuptial agreements also provide peace of mind when one party enters the marriage with debt or gives up a lucrative career to care for the family.

New Jersey prenuptial agreement lawyer, Richard C. Klein can draft an agreement that clarifies both parties’ rights and obligations as well as assess the enforceability of a previously drafted prenup. We serve clients throughout New Jersey.

Our Lawyers Understand Important Changes to The Law

We have  years of combined experience practicing family law and we dedicate considerable time and energy to staying current on new legal developments. A recent statute changed the legal landscape pertaining to prenups. The standards for an enforceable prenup have changed, but the new law is not retroactive.

New prenups can be challenged only if a party entered into the agreement under duress or if a party failed to completely disclose assets and liabilities at the time of the agreement. As a result, new prenuptial agreements are much more likely to be enforced than agreements entered into prior to the new law. For advice about the enforceability of an agreement, you need an attorney who understands the difference between the law as it was and its present state.

Advice You Can Rely On

We have the litigation skills and experience to obtain the results you need. Clients come to us to draft their prenuptial agreements because they need certainty and reassurance. We have a reputation for providing high-quality service and that is why many of our client relationships span decades, not years.

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