I was so worried that no one would understand what it meant to have a special needs child during divorce. Mr. Klein knew about this in detail and I know has written and dealt with so many of these situations. Now, she is protected and the Court, thanks to Richard, understood that special care was needed when it came to custody and parenting time. I am so grateful that I found an attorney with his degree of knowledge. His fees are fair and he demonstrated unbelievable compassion.
G. McG.
Over 10 years ago Mr. Klein handled my divorce. He negotiated an agreement that worked perfectly. All of these years later, when it came time for me to retire, I went back to him. I would not consider another attorney. He has argued forcefully in Court for me and I know that I am in the best of hands with him.
I had a spouse who would simply not follow Court Orders. Richard knew just how to get the protection for myself and my daughter that I needed. He was always there with kind words and skilled beyond my expectations.
Mr. Klein has battled relentlessly to help me achieve custody of my child . His skill and dedication and accessibility is something that has helped me through this period. He is always there and is a skilled negotiator as well. He has become far more that just my “divorce attorney”. I know that I am protected with his help.
Parent of Autistic Child
Richard C. Klein helped me get the help I needed from my ex to raise and care for my autistic child. He came recommended for special needs child cases and I was satisfied with his effort and the outcome of my case.
Long Term Client
I have been a client of Richard since 2005 which tells you what a messy divorce this is but it is really over except for a few problems with other family members including the dog. He has taken calls at all hours of the day including some evenings and calls from cruise ships. He gave me more time I am sure than all of his clients put together and their are many. At times I would call him on his vacation and he never minded and vice versa. He even helped me learn to use the computer when I thought all hope was gone.He has helped me as far as his fees go.